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Important Information for our guests.

If You Need Assistance:

Mike Fredrickson - Onsite Administrator

Casa Amatista 315-355-5950

Note: The 315 area code is not needed if dialing from Melaque on land lines.

Cell numbers require all 13 numbers be dialed.


There is one bank in Melaque – the Banamex on Gomez Farias Street which runs parallel to the water.  You can use your regular bank card to withdraw pesos at the ATM, provided you have a 4 digit PIN. Don't wait until late in the weekend, as the machine may run out of money. 


Each suite has its own bicycle(s). Check availability with the owner of the suite you are renting. They are an easy target for theft, so please use the bike locks.


There are good doctors and dentists in the Melaque area. Dr. Juan Morales (GP) at 72 Gomez Farias Street. Appointments are not taken! There are also two 24 hour emergency health services centers, the nearest on Benito Juarez Street at Reforma in Obregon. Another doctor is on Gordiano Guzman Street next to the medical laboratory. Turn right off Abel Salgado. It is one half block down the street on the left.   


Please conserve this resource. Fans only cool when the air passes over your body. A fan running when you are out of the room is just using electricity and does not improve ventilation, which is amply provided by windows and vents.  


The garbage is picked up every couple of days from the container at the corner of the casa, at Esmeralda and Abel Salgado Streets. Please bag securely.  


Your unit is equipped with some basic staples including soap and toilet paper, after which you are on your own. 

There are a couple of neighbourhood grocery stores there are two larger grocery stores in Melaque: the Super Hawaii on Lopez Mateos, and La Herradura on Morelos.  


It is important not to leave food out or crumbs on or under tables, as anything edible will quickly attract ants and smaller bugs. They are attracted by open garbage and by sticky floors and counters. Please keep all food in tightly sealed containers and do not leave sugar in the sugar bowl, even with a cover. We have supplied sealing containers in the suites and encourage our guests to wash and save yogurt and similar plastics. We try to reduce and reuse.  

Should you find ants anywhere in the suites, please use ant chalk or other repellant as soon as possible. 


If you should see a roach, you may want to deal with him with a shoe and avoid wondering where he is. The crickets are big and black but harmless – please consider relocating them with a broom before going the shoe route; we are, after all, cohabiting with them in their natural surroundings. Geckos come out more after dusk – they eat bugs and are harmless. Love ‘em and leave ‘em!  

Mosquitoes are not usually a problem in Melaque. Some visitors are annoyed by the few mosquitoes that come out for an hour or so at dusk and stay in for happy hour at this time! 


We have wireless internet available at Casa Amatista and "hard" wires are also available.

There are also several internet outlets and cafes located around town.    


When you check out, your keys can be left on the bedside table in one of the bedrooms or according to any other arrangements you have made prior to your arrival. Should you lose your keys, please have new ones cut. This can be done at the hardware store near the Melaque town square on Lopez Mateos Street, or the key kiosk that is often located across the street from the hardware store. 


There are several laundries in the area including the “Lavanderia Meraz” nearby. Go right on Abel Salgado Street towards the lagoon, then right on Topacio.   


Light maid service is provided weekly - your suite will be swept, mopped and dusted, and the bathrooms and kitchens cleaned. Dust accumulates quickly on all surfaces and your attention to upkeep in between regular cleanings is appreciated. Regular maid service does not include making beds or doing dishes. 

Angelica will be the person normally providing the weekly service. If you would like more frequent or extensive cleaning you need to make arrangements directly with her, but note she does not speak English – have your dictionary at hand! Her fees are very reasonable. 


Only owners well behaved dogs are allowed, and no cats are permitted on the property.


Propane supply for all four suites comes from the large tank on the roof accessed off the Opalo patio. The tank is usually filled once a month by our maintenance man. 


Are provided in your suite and it is your responsibility to wash them during your stay. There is an extra set of sheets and an extra set of towels in each bedroom. 

Beach towels are provided in each suite. 


A public phone is located just across the street from the house, and another across from the Laguna del Tule Hotel near the Lavanderia Meraz. There are several public phones on the way to town and in town. Phone cards (tarjetas de Ladatel) are available at most grocery and drug stores.   


The sewer system in the house and in the town is very delicate. Please be careful with it. Don’t flush #1 paper and only a minimum amount of #2 (the Mexicans do not flush any paper!). Definitely nothing else!


We highly recommend that you use purified water for all your needs except washing dishes, hand washing and showering. Do not use tap water for drinking, coffee or tea making, washing vegetables or brushing your teeth.


Purified water in the blue plastic bottles is distributed by truck every day. The system arranged for Casa Amatista is as follows:  when you need water, place your empty blue jug on the white chair just inside the gate to let the driver know you need water. Then leave pesos in the dish. He will take the money and leave a full jug. You can also buy water at the grocery store across the street.  


The City distributes water to Casa Amatista once a day to our main tank under the garage, usually mid-morning. This is automatically pumped to our storage tank on the roof and supplies a fixed amount of water to the entire property each day. Your efforts to conserve water are appreciated. 

In a pinch, water can be pumped from the well in the yard up to the roof tank. 


There is a hose attached to the well head in the yard – this water is fine for hosing off the lower patios, for watering and for washing feet. To turn it on, open the well head steel door and flip on the switch – with dry hands!


Is attended to throughout the year for the pleasure of our guests. We have also invested in several large potted plants which provide privacy between the suites and enhance the atmosphere. If you would take a few minutes occasionally to water the potted plants outside your suite, it would be greatly appreciated.