Things to Do in and Around Melaque

at Casa Amatista:

Enjoy a morning coffee (from our real Canadian drip machine) while you observe the weather forecast for the day (almost always sunny and clear).

Enjoy one of the books from our ‘re-cycled’ collection.

Cool off with a dip in the pool.

…around and about Melaque:

Walk to town for fresh bolillos for breakfast.

In the early morning, while it is still cool, take a stroll around town.

Walk over the hill to Cuastecomate, a small village on a quiet bay.

Walk through the everyday market, to decide on which new fruit or vegetable you will try today, and don’t miss the jicama.

Notice how you don’t need to dodge timeshare salesmen, because there aren’t any.

Go to the town square Sunday evening, to watch ‘the stroll’ and be a part of it; yes, it’s the local teenagers who were the original participants, but now we all participate. It’s the time when we catch up with who’s in town.

Don't miss the waterfront seawall, especially the farthest north/west point, where you can capture a full view of the bay.

Walk the beach to Barra de Navidad, check out the shops, quench your thirst at one of the beach bars, and catch the bus home.

Go to the rodeo when it’s in town; it’s not like any Canadian rodeo you have seen! Take your patience and sense of humour.

Check out the weekly outdoor market (tiangui) where they sell 'everything under the sun'.

Meander through the streets near the square in the evening and have supper at one of the sidewalk tables.

Go down to the docks in Barra de Navidad to hire a fishing guide to take you out for marlin, dorada or other game fish.

Walk to the beach enjoy the glorious sunset, and watch for the ‘green flash’.

…a bit out of town:

Have lunch at one of the beach palapas, and laze on the sand.

Take a bus to La Manzanilla (not to be confused with the ‘big city’ of Manzanillo), where you can watch the pelicans diving by the fishing boats, admire the new homes along the beach, view the caimans (crocodiles) in their enclosure (meal time is "interesting"), and have lunch at one of their palapas.

Catch a bus to Cihuatlan, where you can walk the streets of a small Mexican ‘business’ town, buy a pair of real leather Mexican sandals (with the soles made from tires), and see the lovely old church by the bridge at the south end of town.

Want to feel like the landed gentry for a day? Take a boat ride from the Barra de Navidad pier, or rent a car, and do brunch at Isla Navidad, at the Grand Bay Resort, then stroll the grounds.

Missing your golf? Visit the 27 hole course at Isla Navidad.

While driving home from Isla Navidad, follow some of the side roads to the outer, unprotected, beaches—you will find them deserted, and excellent for beachcombing after a storm, but DO NOT SWIM THERE—the undertow is dangerous.

Missing big stores for shopping? Take a bus to Santiago, the northern suburb of Manzanillo, to the huge Soriana grocery store, which feels like Real Canadian Superstore.

While in Manzanillo, visit Primavera, the huge Mexican crafts store/market, not far from the grocery stores.

And, if you want to see the Manzanillo version of ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, drive out the Santiago peninsula, to Las Hadas, where they made the old Bo Derek movie, “10”.